The Visionary Nexus is the place where the stories of life can be celebrated. Storytelling is our most powerful device in a culture. Stories have been used to give insight, history, and life lessons for as long as people have been around. These stories need to be told. We need to celebrate our humanity and have a place to do it.

When I came up with the idea of the visionary nexus, my vision was to make history. To have a place where the stories were people’s own stories and not an account from another source. People from all walks of life have a story to tell. Experience is the greatest teacher. But maybe the experiences of others can help and mold us into a more evolved society.

We all have, and in life, we all have lost. But if we document the lives of the people close to us and give them a real story do we ever lose them? Their words from their own perspective can be left as a legacy for generations to come.