Biden told the Haitians to go home, but it might not be personal.

Over the last couple of weeks there the border has been occupied but a whole lot of Immigrants. Specifically from Haiti. immigration has a always been an issue in some way in America. The Original Immigrants came from Europe. Spain England France Portugal maybe. These were the original colonizers. They were the ones who stole the land from the native os the Americas. Thats a long lesson on history so let me keep this reasonable and get to the point.

So these were the first immigrants before the United States was considered a nation. and before there were even 13 colonies. Fast forward to post civil war times. During this period immigrants migrated from Europe again. This time was because America was expanding. There were moving west. Taking more land from the natives and were working south to take land from the Spanish. Also the industrial revolution was on the horizon. And they needed more working people to exploit. The North wasn’t too fond of black slaves coming up north so a massive influx of people made their way here from Europe.

Why would America feel this way?

When you have a history like this country new people coming in might have you on edge a little bit. Or a lot. I mean if you know the circumstances on how this land became these United States you might get nervous to see people come over. They might be up to the same thing those original colonizers were on. They might be here to displace you, and take over. America is nervous about it’s Karma, and that could be understandable. How can you sleep at night after what you did to all those natives. The Slavery and bondage, and abuse and inhumane nature that came with it. Th blood on the ground of the casualties of war over the last few centuries. I get it.

So that bring us to the current day. The Biden administration isn’t so welcoming to the Hatian migrants. So much so, that they transported them by the thousands to Haiti. Interestingly enough some of them had’t even come from Haiti. They were Haitians that got here by way of South America. Some of these people have been on the run for years just to end up back where they started. But is it because they are black that they got such different treatment.

America’s feelings on immigration

Historically there’s a narrative that America is welcoming to immigrants who come here from other countries. Well America and its many hypocrisies. All of America isn’t that fond of the immigrants or its immigration policies. It’s more interested in taking what you have to offer. Whatever skills you can contribute to make this country wealthy or powerful. After WW2 the useful Germans who were former Nazis were welcomed here to take the skills they had to add to America’s military power. Immigrants are treated as assets in some cases and a grave inconvenience in other cases.

When you look at the Trump administration sayoin the shit hole countries aren’t sending us their best and brightest it shows a sentiment that immigrants are supposed to be used for the benefit of making America stronger. In that case why wouldn’t they just want to make their own home country better. Why take your talents to America? It seems a bit traitorous with all honesty.

But Trump’s rhetoric calls us to ask a lot of questions. If these shit hole countries did send us their”best and brightest” would you want them here. Is it a matter of exploitation or community ? Do you make an exception for “hard working” people. As hard as it is to really take trump seriously there’s times when what he says makes think. He’immigrations not the only one feeling that way.